The makings of a model

You were probably recommended this seminar for the sole fact that the people around you, (and possibly you), believe you should be a model. The way you carry yourself may already hint of being a beautiful diva… you may possess certain exotic and unique features that only you can shine… you may even have an irrefutable sense of style and have the know on the latest fashion trends… in any case I know for a fact that there isn’t a single mix-up or mistake that you are here in this moment… at this time… about to sign up for this course ! You have the makings to be a model & I know you can do it. This course will teach you, not only how to find the inner model in yourself, but how to establish yourself correctly as a model. How to brand yourself as a role model/brand ambassador, how to obtain gigs, how to market yourself, how to network and present yourself…. It will teach you all the aspects that you need to know to stand out from all of the other faces in the industry. Are you ready to get started?!

Now, before you write yourself off I would like to just note several things:

1. There are all different types of modeling. Haute-couture, runway, fashion, lifestyle, commercial, fitness, inspirational, burlesque, lingerie, editorial, foot, face, hands, and pageant modeling!! I only listed a few, but there are thirteen different modeling possibilities in store for you. All of them require different body types, different races, different facial features, different skin and hair types… and all of them are to be celebrated!

2. If you wouldn’t normally look at an opportunity like this then know that someone took their time to do that for you. That means that somebody believes YOU have the makings to model. If you are willing to take up this adventure it is simply up to YOU to choose what field you want to specialize in and commit to it…. who knows, maybe your friend saw something in you that you don’t even see in yourself!

This conference will be an exciting course filled with practical activities, a shopping challenge, prizes, guest speakers and more! Come prepared to learn new things, refresh your memory, laugh, network & change your modeling future!! Be sure to bring a snack, water, notebook & portfolios [if you have one]. -E

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